Saturday, November 04, 2006

To Market, To Market additional photo

Here's the dough trough (see post below),
and have somehow managed to post the brooch and wimple pins, although the formatting is still weird!


Gillian said...

That's a very practical trough. It would limit the mess of kneading and make it all much less work. I find that kneading on a curve gets better dough anyhow and have used bowls for years, but this gives more space for the hands than a regular bowl. Thanks for posting this picture.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Rosemary, another of our group and proud owner of the hand quern (will have to grind the grain now to make the bread to knead in the trough) says that I have to knead it in a kneeling position with the trough on the floor to be authentic. Trevor, her husband is a wood turner and wood expert and told me it was a good bread trough in the first place...although he wasn't sure if the wood itself was native. The trough was very grubby and I'm going to show it to him cleaned up, so he can better form an opinion on its origins.

Kemberlee said...

The trough is SO cool! I've been looking for something to make bread in for years. Now I know I just need to travel over your direction and attend a faire =-) Thanks for sharing your new treasures of old inspired goodies.
~ Kemberlee