Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few more photos: Apologies for strange formatting!

Here are a few more photos from my Norfolk research visit. For some reason the formatting won't let me publish more than a handful at a time. The first is a photograph of the interior of Framlingham Castle. The wall on the right in the shade with the two narrow Norman chimneys and window holes is where Roger and Ida's first home was - the old hall, with the chapel adjoining where the figures are. If you check back in my archieves, you can see an artist's impression of this hall. url here. http://tinyurl.com/yuoakm

The second picture shows the other side of the ward and the site of Roger and Ida's new hall, completed circa 1200 (he started building 1189/1190) The remnant of that hall is the building at the end of the row looking to the right with a white left side and blue door.

The third picture shows the mere, looking from the wall walk near Roger's new hall. In his day, it would have been a much larger spread out marsh.

The Bigod family had important sea-faring connections. They owned among other coastal villages Cromer, Hunstanton, Yarmouth and Ipswich. This photograph was taken on the way to Cromer for afternoon tea. I've used sea imagery in the novel for some of Roger's traits, and I get the impression he enjoyed his coastal territories and was a good sailor (unlike William Marshal!)

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Jody said...

Loved the pictures. I wanted to thank you because of your Wm Marshall book my dh and I spent a wonderful morning this past October exploring Chepstow Castle in Wales. It was one of the highlights of my 32 day UK trip. There is just something about that part of Wales that draws me in. We stayed in Hay on Wye and explored the area, running out of time before we could get to Pembroke Castle so will save that for next trip. Your books really make the history come alive. Thank you!!