Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I've been a bit swamped of late, hence the lack of blog posts. I'm in the middle of book tours involved with promoting To Defy A King. At the same time I've to keep up with the work in progress on the Empress Matilda and still find time for conversations with my family - usually when we meet at mealtimes or on the way to the gym!

I'm busy working on a longer blog post about Brian FitzCount. I thought when I began writing my story about the Empress Matilda and Adeliza of Louvain that he was going to be one of the male leads re hero material, but I've revised that opinion now. It's amazing what you think you know until you begin researching, and once you find out more about the people you are writing about, you realise that your novel plan might have to face a few alterations along the way. Brian still has a strong role, but the hero of the novel at the moment is turning out to be Adeliza of Louvain's second husband, William D'Albini. Anyway, he and Brian will have their moment further down the line with Brian next.

As well as the above, I was recently involved in a re-enactment at Nottingham Castle with Regia Anglorum to help Nottingham Council promote tourism and the new Russell Crowe film. I'm the one in the blue dress and linen hood scoffing custard tart. I had charge of the Conroi de Vey's cauldrons for a couple of days over the weekend. Among other items on the menu was a beef and cumin pottage, a broad bean, onion and smoked bacon pottage, herb pottage, pies a la Southwark cookshop, black puddings, haselet (a regional sausage-like meat), custard tarts and soft oatcakes. I also got to see an exhibition of costumes and props from the Russell Crowe film inside the castle museum. The props are great. There are some exact replicas of reliquaries and books and ecclesiastical details that are just fabulous. The costumes are mostly of the artistic interpretation. Maid Marion's hunting corset was decidedly far fetched! It's only a small, one room exhibit, but it is worth going to see if you're in the area.

Without further ado and as a filler in as I get on with my book tour and WIP and prepare my piece on Brian FitzCount, here are some photographs of the Nottingham show and a Regia show I didn't attend at St.Ives (with the horses and the boat) The photographs are all courtesy of Rosemary Watson. Click on the photo to enlarge.


Marg said...

Interesting that Brian FitzCount isn't your lead now, because in the few things I have read about Matilda their names have been linked!

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Elizabeth, I devoured "To Defy a King" in a matter of a week (would've been devoured sooner if darn work didn't get in the way, lol!). So, when is your next book due out??

Lesley said...

Wonderful pictures! Makes me want to go out to play again - unfortunately my dog is now too old to manage camping, so I've had to pull out of re-enactment for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! I was wondering when To Defy A King will be available in the US? Maybe I missed something (or more likely I'm just an idiot! =P) but I can't seem to find a release date. Amazon *has* it but then says it's not available. Thanks a bunch! =)

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Hi Sidhe - It's March 201l for the USA, published by Sourcebooks and July 2011 paperback for the UK. Currently out in UK hardcover.

Sourcebooks is publishing For The King's Favor in September (called The Time of Singing in the UK) which is a stand alone prequel to To Defy A King.

Jackie said...

To Defy a King was such a fabulous read! Totally enjoyed reading about Mahelt and Hugh, I reckon she would have so interesting to know in person. William Marshall facinates Me, (wonder if perhaps I knew him in a previous life?)

Carla said...

What are "pies a la Southwark cookshop" ? Are they a special type?
Great photos! You must be very busy at the moment - hope the book tours are going well!