Tuesday, August 02, 2011

WILLIAM MARSHAL TRAVEL TOUR - and other business!

I have an exciting announcement to make! Academic Travel Abroad who recently organised a tour dedicated to the life and times of Eleanor of Aquitaine with author Sharon Kay Penman as a guest traveller and 'author on board' are now looking to do the same with William Marshal - with me as the resident author and all things Marshal enthusiast!
To get things going, they have posted a simple questionnaire about preferences here for anyone who would like to consider taking the tour. I think it's wonderful! I could visit with William Marshal and his family forever and a day!  Here's the url to the questionnaire. http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22CSWGWBC5E/

In other news.  Regia Anglorum is 25 years old this year and to celebrate the fact, they've put together this smashing video.   I'm not on it, as I wasn't at the shows involved, but lots of my friends are. I think this shows why I consider living history such an important part of my writing. Vivat Regia Anglorum!

In even more news, watch out for a competition to celebrate the paperback publication of To Defy A King.  Sphere are preparing it at the moment.  More when it's official.

I will also be on blog tour with Sourcebooks for Lady of the English and will add the dates before September 1st.

Onwards and upwards!


Robinbird said...

How exciting! I've been dying to do one of these tours (wish they'd do a R3 tour...but I digress) but we just haven't had the money to do anything.

Marg said...

I would so love to do the William Marshal tour, but alas, not this time!

I am sure you will have a fabulous time though!

Rob Roy said...

I only discovered in the last six months that William Marshall is my 25 x g-grandfather, and he has quickly become my favorite ancestor. Thanks for bringing him to life for me in your books and blogs.

Now distinctly upset. You post this two days after I leave the UK to move back to Australia after seven years. Great timing :) May just have to come back to join this tour, so will keep an eye out for it.

cindyash said...

Well, I couldn't go to Sharon's tour last summer, perhaps this tour will work out for me? Id absolutely love to go!

marilynsmith said...

William is my 25th great grandfather too. This tour sounds too good to miss and I am saving my money for it!

Kate the Book Buff said...

That would be such a fun tour to participate in!

-Kate the Book Buff
The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

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