Friday, December 28, 2012

Today's research snippet

On this day in 1204, King John set out from Marlborough Castle to his Palace at Clarendon near Salisbury, a distance of just over 30 miles.  Here are a few details about Marlborough and Clarendon in the reign of King John.

 Taken from Clarendon Palace by T.B. James and A.M. Robinson.
John's reign was characterised not so much by major alterations or modernisation as by maintenance, when required, and minor additions to existing buildings. In 1205 - 6 Clarendon had a new shingle roof for the kitchen. At Marlborough Castle at the same period he had the kitchen fireplace enlarged to such proportions that two oxen could be roasted together. 
During John's reign commodities from Norway found their way to Clarendon including timber and falcons. The timber, probably of coniferous varieties was used in quantity in building works at Woodstock, Marlborough and Ludgershall as well as at Clarendon. Tn were gyrfalcons, which were originally used to hunt herons, but in time were put more general use in the hunt. John had a favourite gyrfalcon called Gibbun.
In 1207 John received part of the English regalia which had been pledged before 1200 to raise money for the ransom of Richard I.
Iin 1210 King John dispensed 15 shillings to 2 huntsmen who had killed a wolf in Clarendon Forest and to others in the forest of Gillingham in Dorset.

Today's research photo.  Gilded silver chalice dating somewhere between 1200 and 1300.  Used in the mass to contain the wine that became the blood of Christ, these vessels were made of the most precious materials.
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