Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Likes

Today's Friday likes are:

1. Tea shops.  I do love going out for afternoon tea, a slice of cake and a chat with a girlfriend.  Here are two of my haunts.  Manor Farm at Bleasby Manor Farm Tea Shoppe   and The White Rabbit Tea house in Nottingham City Centre.  White Rabbit Tea House

Springtime.  I love April and May in the UK with the long summer evenings when I can watch the bats twirl in the twilight and when the sky is that deep, luminous turquoise colour with the first stars pricking out, and perhaps a narrow slice of crescent moon.  Just lovely.

This song by Gordon Lightfoot.  I'm a sucker for a minor key and this is just so poignant and profound.  Affair on 8th Avenue.

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