Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ludlow Castle

This is by way of a hasty drop in. I've spent most of today fetching my youngest son back from the university of Aberystwyth for the Easter break. He's in his second year and studying environmental earth sciences (geography with extra bits as far as I can gather but with good job prospects - 95%- at the end of it). I said I'd post a photo of what William Marshal's father, John, may have looked like, but I'm saving that for later next week along with some research notes. I'm busy correcting the proofs of the second novel about William Marshal THE SCARLET LION, plus writing new material, so I'm fully occupied at the moment... as well as having a ravenous almost 20 year old back on my hands for 3 weeks! Still, I'll try to post when I can.
Anyway, having searched my photo archives, here's one of Ludlow Castle, one of the main settings for SHADOWS AND STRONGHOLDS where Brunin and Hawise came to know each other. The round building to the right of the picture is the castle chapel. It was probably built by a de Lacy, but is likely on the site of another chapel where I like to think Brunin and Hawise would have married.


Tess said...

Love the pic :-) Thanks for posting it. Hmm, if only I had time to reread S&S.

Jane Henry said...

As you know me ma lives not far from Ludlow. Will think of Bruno and Hawise next time I go there. Which is Marion's tower?
love Jx

gillian said...

Have just read Two Medieval Outlaws
great for reserch for your books but I prefer the fleshing out of your great books