Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Likes

1. One of my bookmarked research sites - some wonderful photographs of the churches in the South of France.  Useful for my research and just to browse through. Click here:
Paradox Place

2. Me Before You.  My best read of the last 6 months and not in the historical genre.  The subject matter sounds daunting, but JoJo Moyes handles the issue with just the right touch and it becomes a very uplifting book.  Ignore the girly cover.  It's not chick-lit.

3. New season's asparagus - yum!  I cook mine upright in an old stainless steel coffee pot!


Sue said...

I also like Paradox Place. My favorite site for similar browsing and ogling is Via Lucis:

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Thank you Sue, I will go and have a look!