Thursday, August 05, 2010

Regia Anglorum. Panoramic view of Wychurst

I have just been sent this url and it is wonderful! My re-enactment society at Wychurst, the hall we have built ourselves - well I haven't been there yet, but I made a donation to provide seed for flowers etc outside the manor.


M Harold Page said...

God! That looks like home.

Anne Gilbert said...

From a "modern" pov, it looks awfully crowded, but then, we're not recreating modern times.

Si Skellon said...

It does look crowded, but this is an Earl and his household at feast. Only half the long hall is actually in use (the other half was not floored at the time this was shot).

John has also entered this panorama in a national competition, so wish him (and Regia) all the best!