Thursday, February 24, 2011

And more London including The Temple Church

For the last few weeks I've been batting to and from London for various reasons. The most recent was a visit to my publisher, Sphere at LittleBrown, for a business meeting. I had arranged my inward journey to have a bit of time to spare, so I could visit the Temple Church and take some photographs. I made a sort of photo journey story of my day and here it is below. Some of you may be interested in the close ups of early 13th century armour from the Temple Church section. Click to enlarge, and as always, sorry about the odd formatting. If you see gaps, scroll down. The last photo is of the train journey home!

Waiting at the bus
stop in my village on a
dark, wet Monday morning

John Betjemen statue
at St. Pancras

Temple Tube

Red telephone

Courts of Justice

Twinings Tea

Bank sign

Bank lobby

Temple Church

plaque concerning
the effigies

Gilbert Marshal
(d 1241)

Gilbert Marshal

Gilbert Marshal:
Hand around
sword hilt

Close up of
hand grip

Serpent chewing
Gilbert's spur strap
(he die in a tourney
having been dragged
when his foot got
caught in the stirrup).

Shield strap

Arrangement of
mail leg covering

Arrangement of
mail leg cover on
a different effigy
(no dateline)

William Marshal

William Marshal
Note all fingers
visible under the mail

Close up of
mailed hand

William Marshal
full length

Font design
close up

Another font

Church interior
taken from the

Plan of the
church interior

Plan of the
Temple environs
circa 1250

William Marshal

Flying horse
design on the
temple precinct
gates leading to
the Embankment


A misty view
of the London

Art Deco work
at Unilever House

Clock above
entrance to
Unilever House

View to the
ground floor
from LittleBrown's

The train home!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few interesting days in London.

Just now I am in and out of London a great deal for diverse reasons. Late last month, I was there with my good friend and Akashic Records consultant Alison King to give a talk to the London Dowser's Society about how we work together to access the past. The talk was in Dirty Dick's pub, and suffice to say that there was plenty of the past lurking around in there!

Then last week I was in the capital for a couple of days. I had to meet with my agent to discuss business on one of them, but that left me a free couple of hours to head on the Tube to the British museum and take some photos and have a look round their Medieval gallery - see below.
Then it was back to my hotel to meet a fellow author for dinner. On day two, I had to be up bright and early to attend an event at the RAF club on Picadilly. The shortlisted novels for the RNA's Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award were to be announced at a champagne breakfast and I was one of the shortlisted writers with TO DEFY A KING. The novel is also on the shortlist for the Best Historical Novel of the year too.
I'm back in London next week for another meeting with my publishers and then again on March 7th for the announcement of the winners of the RNA awards. In between, I had better get some writing done! Click to enlarge. As usual, apologies for some of the formatting. Blogger can be awkward.

A very haunted pub

In the vaults!
me and Alison King

British Museum
Door knocker

Series of tiles

Drinking horn - 6thC

enamel plaques


Seals of Joanna,
Daughter of Eleanor
of Aquitaine and
Henry II

Details for
photo below

liturgical comb

mid 12thC enamel
plaques. Lower one
depicts Henry of Blois
Bishop of Winchester
and King Stephen's

Explanation of below


reconstruction of the
Sutton Hoo sword

Close up of pattern
welded blade

Replica of the
Sutton Hoo helm

Selection of earrings

RNA awards shortlist
Left to right:

Kate Furnivall
Elizabeth Chadwick
Christina Jones

Shortlisted novels for
the main award.