Wednesday, November 06, 2013


For a very short while, my UK publisher has dropped the price of THE GREATEST KNIGHT on the Kindle to £1.49, so it's an opportunity to grab a bargain if you're in the UK. It'll be going back up in the near future.   It's a bestseller both here and in the USA, where it made the New York Times best seller list.   Click through url here: THE GREATEST KNIGHT KINDLE BARGAIN

If you visit my website, you'll find out why I wanted to write about William Marshal.  Here's an url to his biography from there. William Marshal's biography  There are also suggestions of other sources you can read to find out more about him.

This blog has numerous articles about William, and if you type his name into the search bar on the right hand side, you'll be given a list.  To get you going, here's one about the horses he rode: William Marshal's horses   I especially loved the fact that we know he was given an unrideable horse, but he worked on the harness to improve the rapport between him and the stallion, and ended up with a magnificent destrier for the tournament.  We even know that it was white and called Blancart.

After William died, his son commissioned a poem to be written in detail about his father's life, and it still survives.  I am gradually adding a translation to this blog in episodes, and you will find these too - as far as I have got.  Like William Marshal, it's still a work in progress!

Best wishes