Friday, June 02, 2006

A quick update on the Temple Church effigies

Just dropping by to say that I have had a reply from the Master of the Temple Church, the Reverend Robin Griffith-Jones.
Here's what he said:

Dear Mrs Chadwick,
Many thanks for your message. I am glad you have spotted the mistake - the "nameplates" were recently removed for filming and have been put back in the wrong sequence. We will have them re-arranged, accurately.

With our thanks for pointing out the slip, and with best regards

Robin Griffith-Jones

So all's well that ends well, but I wonder how long William Marshal's son, William II would have remained the 'effigy of an unknown knight' if I hadn't pursued the matter!


Gabriele Campbell said...

'Removed for filming' - now I wonder if poor William features as some Knight Templar in a TV report/film/messed-up-thingie having to do with DVC.

KC said...

I'm so glad that you got a response to your inquiry about the placards! I'll tell my son that he doesn't need to check them now (but I bet he still will).

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

I didn't see the programmes as I never watch much TV but apparently there have been two recent ones concerned with the Da Vinci Code that involved filming inside the Temple Church. So yes, looks like his nameplate got switched by some know-nothing from a TV production company.

KC On the contrary, please DO ask your son to check the placards, just in case they don't switch them back, or mix them up even more!!!

Tess said...

ROTFL - Susan. Good work! Can't have Marshal Jr going through eternity as an "unknown knight".

Carla said...

Well done. Sounds like it was just a careless mistake. I wonder why they felt they had to remove them for filming a documanetary, though?

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Carla, I think it was because they were filming material allied to the Da Vinci Code. The effigies are mentioned in DVC but not by name - as far as I remember. I never did get around to reading DVC all the way through. If they'd had name placards, I suppose it would have detracted from the effect they were trying to create.
Makes me feel quite indignant on behalf of my Marshals though - I refuse to say I am a sad person! :-)

Geoffrey Morgan said...

The Cross-legged Templar

The Monumental Effigies in Temple Church London are considered an enigma; some believing that the Knights with crossed legs were Crusader Knights. The true purpose of the nine stone effigies and the coffin however is far more interesting and was well understood by Grand Masters of the Order and those who placed the Effigies.
When the original Knights returned from excavating under Temple Mount in Jerusalem they brought back much treasure that was concealed at various locations known only to those Knights and successive Grand Masters. The secret of the treasure sites was recorded on the Chess Board which symbol became the Templar Banner. One of the sites is the ‘key’ to the rest. Of the other eight sites six are identified as being on black squares, depicted by the Knight Effigies with ‘crossed legs’, such as that of William Marshall 2nd Earl of Pembroke and the three effigies with footrests. Interestingly the effigy of a ‘member of the de Ros family’ is without armour and feminine in character (a French Female Knight, Chevaleresse). If so this would be consistent with the square it would occupy on the Chess Board and the location of the treasure.
In the Church of St Mary at Aldworth (near Newbury) there are almost identical stone effigies known as the ‘Aldworth Giants that tell the same story
Geoffrey Morgan