Friday, December 01, 2006

Book Signing Date!

I have a piece to write about another visit I made to the Temple Church last week and how it pertains to Gilbert Marshal, it's just a case of getting around to it as Christmas and approaching deadlines, begin to squeeze my time even more than it's usually squeezed.

However, I'm dropping in to say I will be signing copies of The Scarlet Lion, Daughters of the Grail, The Greatest Knight, and my other novels at W. H. Smiths Meadowhall in Sheffield on Wednesday 6th December at 1pm. If you're in the area, do come and say hi if you've got a moment!

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Kemberlee said...

I hope you had fun at the autographing! We were in Cork City that day and in Waterstones. They didn't have Daughters, but they did have Scarlet Lion. They wouldn't sell it to me though because they had a 7 Dec release date and it was the 6th! We went down to Easons who just got in a copy of Daughters that morning to I bought that one. They didn't have any copies of SL though, saying they didn't buy in hard covers in the genre...??? Oh-kaaaay! We'll be in London this next Friday so I'm hoping a bookstore there has it in stock. I'm SO looking forward to reading it. Congrats on the new releases!!!