Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Project

As a jobbing author I have always have to be in front of myself, which can disconcerting and distracting. I traveled on a fantastic emotional journey with William Marshal in The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion. The former came out in paperback in July of 06 and the latter in hardcover in December, with a paperback release of The Scarlet Lion due this summer. To my readers these are fresh and new. To me it's an ongoing part of a process that has lasted at least twelve months and has to share the stage with other projects. Even as the first reviews come in for The Scarlet Lion and Little Brown gear up for the paperback, I have just handed in last year's work in progress to my agent. A Place Beyond Courage, the story of John Marshal, will be published in hardcover in October2007. As from today I am on tenterhooks awaiting that first all important response to what took me all of 2006 to write. However, I also have to focus on the next contracted project for 2008. It's a bit like being a breeding parent all over again. I have to give my attention to the forthcoming paperback (the toddler), the new baby (the hardcover) and the pregnancy (work in progress!) Then of course there are the older children with their various needs (the backlist). I wouldn't swap my job for anything in the world, it's what I've wanted to do all my life, but there's certainly never a dull moment!
Happy New Year to all!
Elizabeth :-)


KC said...

It's so great that you are living your fantasy life! Best wishes to you on all your upcoming pregancies, babies, toddlers, and adult projects!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say ho wmuch i am enjoyed the latest installment in William Marshall's life. I got The Scarlett Lion for Christmas and managed to hold off reading it for a whole week!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

KC - LOL, it's such a pity that real life has to intrude sometimes!

Judy, glad you enjoyed reading The Scarlet Lion. William gets a nice secondary character role in A Place Beyond Courage too - although only as a small boy!

Daphne said...

Hi Elizabeth - I live in the US and recently obtained a copy of The Greatest Knight. I read about a third of it yesterday and absolutely love it! I look forward to reading The Scarlett Lion and your other books.