Friday, July 06, 2007

Tollerton Show photos

Here are a few photos from the Tollerton Village Show. I'm in the brown dress tending the cooking fire and swigging mead! You can see the broad bean pottage in the foreground in one of the shots. The Mishimishya was in the big cauldron on the right and I am stirring the onions in the almond milk pottage. Thank goodness the rain mostly held off!
I'm off to the RNA Conferenfe for the weekend, but will return to blog anon.


Carla said...

Great photos. Who are the two men fighting the duel? By the way, how do you adjust the temperature of the cooking pots so that the contents don't cook too fast or too slow? Can you alter the height above the fire by adjusting the suspension chains, or do you put more fuel on the fire, or what?

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

The duel fighters are our group leader Trevor, (in blue) otherwise known as Tigwald in his Anglo Saxon persona and Roger de Busli in his Norman one.
His opponent is Nathan (sorry, can't remember Nathan's authenti names, for which I will be shot!) but Nathan makes some fabulous replica pieces of kit, including rivet mail.
The cooking pot. You adjust the heat by using S hooks and chains to raise and lower the cauldron as you surmised. You can also scoop the fuel about in the firebox to creat hotter areas and simmering areas.

Kemberlee said...

By the looks of things, your group could teach the re-inactment groups in Ireland a thing or three! Looks like great fun.

Elizabeth said...

I love reading these snippets from the medium. Have you ever tried to contact people that other authors have done work on, like Sharon Kay Penman's?

I also love these photos... after a while, the Civil War reinactments get kind of old. It would be so much fun to see a Middle Ages one!