Friday, August 29, 2008

A hotchpotch moment

I confess to feeling something of a fraud, but fellow blogger Carla Nayland has nominated me for a blog award and when did you ever know any author turn down publicity - grin! Actually it's an excellent cop out situation re blogging for me because it gives me an excuse to nominate ten of my own favourite blogs - not all of them medieval and gives me a breathing space while I work on having my website revamped. Being as this involves writing new material, it means I'm not as free to work on my blog for a short while. However, if you go over to my News blog I have some rather good breaking news for USA readers. If you're sharp-eyed, you'll also see on the sidebar that the cover for A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE has had a subtle makeover. My heroine now has some bling on her dress and a ring on her finger! (What the hero lacks in bling he ummmm....makes up for elsewhere I promise!).
Once the website is all spiffy and up to date, It'll be business as usual because I'll be able to claw back a bit of writing time.
p.s. When do you reckon ice cream was invented?!

Okay, to the blog nominations.
First I have to reciprocate with Carla's blog. I try and drop in about once a week over a coffee because she always has something interesting to say re history and/or tradition, together some cracking book reviews.

Steph's Curlew Country is always guaranteed to cheer me up. You can't read it and not come away happy and invigorated and realising what the small and beautiful things in life really mean.

Gillian Polack's Even in a Little Thing.
You never know what you're going to get on my friend Gillian's blog - sometimes it's Daleks, sometimes it's extremely quirky medieval facts, sometimes it's serious discussion about the state we're in. Gillian has a doctorate in medieval history, she teaches matters medieval to writers and when she speaks to me of research I listen! She's also an expert on Medieval food.

Carl Pyrdum's Got Medieval I go here because this is one very clever, very funny blog. If I'm not laughing aloud, then I am grinning inside. Binge drinking monkeys and all that... great fun!

Marg's Reading Adventures Because I'm always nosey to know what others are reading, and Marg as one of the chief moderators at historical fiction online,
I quite often drop in for a quick looksee.

On the same tack and with historical fiction in mind, Sarah Johnson's Reading The Past is great for up to date news on matters pertaining to historical fiction.

Gabriel's Lost Fort is a wonderful journal of cl
ear photographs of historical sites she encounters on her travels, as well as being of interest to fellow writers of historical fiction.

I read Racaire's blog occasionally and get very jealous because I can't sew for toffee. A great blog involving construction of medieval clothes and embroidery and containing some fabulous links.

I always enjoy dropping in on Doubtful Muse. We met on a reading group many years ago and have kept in touch. DM visited me earlier this summer and we went to find the tomb of Nicoloa de la Haye in Swaton, Lincolnshire. DM's posts are always either fun or thought provoking and sometimes deeply moving. She knows her history, although she doesn't often talk it, and she knows people very well indeed.

Sarah's Bookarama is also a nice one to drop into at coffee break. Some lovely photographs of interesting and quirky locations and always some food for thought.


Taminator said...

I so agree with you about Steph's blog. It's like taking a mini-vacation every time I visit!

Sarah Johnson said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks so much for nominating my blog! There are some others you named that I don't know, so I'll head now to check them out.

Congratulations on the Waterstone's Book of the Year selection, too - wow!

Gabriele Campbell said...

Thank you very much for the nomination, Elizabeth.

Tess said...

Oooh - more blogs to read :) I'll have to look some of them up.

I also like Geoffrey Chaucer Hath an Extreme Blog:

especially his post Serpents on a Shippe *g*

Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Thank you for nominating my blog which I've rather neglected of late! Must get back to it.

Off-topic but my parents asked me to thank you for finding the website that explained the sheep poem sculpture on my blog. They've really enjoyed exploring that and all the other links thereon.

Marg said...

I'm late and very remiss in not having said thanks for this EC! Thanks!

Unbelieveable Stuff said...

Oooh - more blogs to read :)