Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Today's research snippet. A dodgy letter from King John.

Today's research snippet. This is a letter of King John, busy with his countersigns and secret twiddles again. 

The King to Robert de Vipont, greeting. If Guido de Castellon will find you such security as we elsewhere signified to you by letter, then cause him to be liberated by this countersign: namely, we command you not to liberate him unless we should send Thomas de Burgh to you; we send you, however, in the stead of the same Thomas, our beloved and faithful Peter de Rupibus, our Treasurer of Poitou, and ye may undoubtedly credit him in this business. Witness ourself at Verneuil on the 26th day of September. By Peter de Rupibus (A.D. 1201).

Today's research photo from my archive:
King John's tomb in Worcester Cathedral
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