Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Likes

I missed the Friday Likes last week because I was away in London.  This is where I post three things that I like or enjoy or make my day.  They're eclectic, sometimes to do with the Middle Ages, but frequently not.

Off The Leash:
I follow Rupert Fawcett's daily dog cartoons at Facebook.  They always make me smile at coffee break! 
I had Rupert adapt this one to portray our two terriers Pip and Jack

Talking of coffee breaks, I quite often indulge in a biscuit from Bothams of Whitby.  I met one of the bakers and business owners on Twitter - a keen reader, punster, and all round lovely chap, although dangerous if you're counting calories. @MikeJarman  My mother has become addicted to the ginger brack and goes so far as to hide it from my dad!   

A desert Island keeper research book.  I love this because it covers so much ground and in depth but with a light touch to the writing.  If you had to, you could write a novel about the late Norman or Angevin period with just this book for reference. 


Katarzyna Ogrodnik-Fujcik said...

Thank you for reminding me of R.Bartlett's study. I wanted to purchase it some time ago, but somehow forgot to do it. Now, it's already on the way.

The cartoons are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

On Bartlett, brilliant book. Wish it and been published when I was a student. Only accessible place to find anything on the de Clare family of the late C12th, and great info on tournaments.