Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marshalling my thoughts!

Real life tends to get in the way of the cyber variety. I was hoping to post earlier this week but by the time I'd been swimming, played darts (don't ask!) answered necessary e-mails and kept the novel writing on schedule, I'd used up all my corners of time.
Thanks to all who have welcomed me to blogland. It's still going to take a while, but I'm enjoying the learning curve.
Research wise I am still working through the excavation reports on Ludgershall Castle and attempting to assimilate the details of who built what and when. I'm also pottering through the Domesday Book for Wiltshire and Berkshire to see how much land in these counties was in the possession of Edward of Salisbury in 1086, Edward being William Marshal's great grandfather. Other than the aforementioned I have the Gesta Stephani, John of Worcester and Vol 1 of the Histoire de Guillaume le Mareschal keeping me company on my study desk at the moment...along with various items of writerly detritus - pencil, notebook, removed bracelet and watch because they were irritating my wrists, jar of boiled sweets, spectacle case, tissues, square of of rivet - the usual stuff!
Currently I'm working on a heavily detailed synopsis - scene sketches I suppose I'd call them. Once done, I'll go back and fill in the colours. John Marshal, his career and domestic circumstances are proving very interesting to write about; as are his wives, Aline and Sybilla.
Very different women, especially in the way they relate to him!


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog! It's fascinating to follow your developments and discoveries... keep them coming!
Had to laugh at your cat on the desk - ours always sit in front of the monitor to get attention too!

Enjoy your research... :)

Anonymous said...

I love your books - and am fascinated with your friends comments from the past. Keep your books and her comments coming; incidentally my cat likes sitting in front of the computer too!! All the best with your research ..

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Thanks for dropping by anonymous!
Cats do seem to have a thing about PC's don't they!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating!! I have to say how well impressed I am at getting an E mail back from Elizabeth Chadwick, alas many people when they rise up the ladder dont have time or inclination to reply to the mere mortals that actually buy their books and keep them going, this author is both fascinating, historically correct and as important, she has time to listen to her readers for feedback etc , I will be reading her books at every chance, A BIG THANKYOU lyn