Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still on a steep learning curve on day 1, I am now attempting to post a photo to my embryo blog.
If this works, this is me at the Temple Church last May (2005) when I went to pay my respects to William Marshal, subject of my novel The Greatest Knight, and some members of his family. William is to my left, his firstborn son William to my right. Their graves aren't actually under the effigies, but due to the vagaries of reburials, rebuilding and bombs, are elsewhere - (who knows?) within the general fabric of the church. It was difficult finding a quiet moment to pay my respects to the man who was indeed the greatest knight of the Middle Ages, and his heir as I had to share them with numerous excited tourists following the pages of the Da Vinci Code. If only they knew the real treasure lying at their feet!


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, Susan! I love seeing the pic of you beside William (even if he's not really know what I mean!). I look forward to checking back and seeing what else you've come up with!


wormauld said...

excellent blog Susan and I love the photo. I've just finished your WM book and really enjoyed learning so much about a man who is often a footnote and who deserves to be more. When the better weather comes I'll be making the trip to the Temple Church and pay my respects.Daphne CTTgroup