Thursday, April 07, 2011

ELEANOR - At last I can tell you!

Below I have pasted a press release from LittleBrown announcing my next three novels. I am so excited about this. I've been planning to write about Eleanor of Aquitaine for some time and have been researching her in the background for several of years while engaged in other projects. Last year I began work on the Akashic Record research to join my conventional reading and it has so enriched and added detail to what I know about her and those around her through my other investigations.
Of course Eleanor holds attaction for authors of historical fiction, she is too iconic a figure not to do so, but that's fine by me and I wish them well.
My Eleanor , via THE SUMMER QUEEN, THE WINTER CROWN and THE AUTUMN THRONE, is going be one very fresh take on an incredible woman.

I will be sharing the writing journey with readers via my blog and website. Expect to see articles, discussions, pieces of primary source, and regular excerpts from the Akashic Records. Watch out too for a preliminary book trailer. It's on its way!
"It's time the truth was told."
And now I am off to celebrate with a mug of tea before getting back to work!

SPHERE has signed a blockbusting Eleanor of Aquitaine fiction trilogy by award-winning novelist Elizabeth Chadwick, for an undisclosed six-figure sum.

Sphere Senior Editor Rebecca Saunders bought UK and Commonwealth rights in three novels – The Summer Queen, The Winter Crown, The Autumn Throne – through Carole Blake at Blake Friedmann.

Sphere will publish the first novel in hardback in summer 2013 supported by major publicity, marketing and digital activity, and will implement an entire backlist reissue programme.

Chadwick, who is published in 19 languages, won the RNA’s 2011 Best Historical Novel Prize for To Defy a King last month.

Saunders said: “When Carole submitted the proposal to me I immediately began to imagine what the jackets would look like, the subject completely captured my imagination. After reading the first three chapters I was hooked and knew we had to publish these books - and in a big way. The story of Eleanor has all the ingredients for a huge commercial success: only 13 when she married Louis of France, Eleanor was a great heiress, and a queen of France and England, destined to change the map of Europe. She’s a wonderful heroine.”

“Most importantly these novels will present a very different Eleanor, an Eleanor told through her own words, her own feelings. As one of the most respected authors of historical fiction in the world, Elizabeth is best placed to reveal her.”

“I am so excited that Sphere has given me the opportunity to write these three novels about Eleanor,” Chadwick said. “I have wanted to tell her story for a while, using research that is absolutely unique to me. It’s long past time the truth was told about this incredible woman, and the real Eleanor allowed to stand in her own light.”

Little, Brown is investing heavily in this summer’s publications of Chadwick’s Lady of the English in hardback, and the paperback of To Defy a King.

Carole Blake said: ”It was obvious from the marketing presentation Little Brown made to us last month that their team are very serious about propelling Elizabeth Chadwick into enduring bestsellerdom. It’s a happy partnership.”


Passages to the Past said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! That is the best news Elizabeth, CONGRATULATIONS!

I am so very excited to hear this and will definitely be waiting with bated breath to read them! Love Eleanor!

Again, Congratulations!!!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Thanks Amy, I am saying WOW! too. It means I have job security for a few more years (always a consideration!) but it also means I can write the books I've been wanting to for a while. I kept wondering if the time was right with other novels around, but there comes a moment when you just have to go for it, and I know my version is going to shine a very different light on Eleanor. So yes. Yipppeeeee!!!!

Misfit said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Congrats.

Jenny Q said...

yay!!! Can't wait! I'm already thinking about the meanings behind the titles and envisioning your take on Eleanor. And I'm looking forward to your blog posts as you go along...two years is so long to wait!

Jerelyn said...

This is so exciting EC, I have been looking for something to recommend to a friend about Eleanor's early life. From an author I can trust. I will tell her to hold on!


Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Thanks Misfit, Jerelyn and Lady Q.
Although the books are a couple of years away, there will be plenty of content in the meantime. I have already written the first 3 chapters, so I'll be preparing some sample pieces to go online once I've caught my breath!

Marg said...

I've already said this on Twitter, but woo-hooo! So exciting!

Emilie Laforge said...

This is fantastic news!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see what your thorough research combined with the Akashic records will reveal about such a fascinating woman as Eleanor.

I look forward to your blog entries that will sustain us all until the first Eleanor novel is published.

Congratulations Elizabeth, you deserve all the success that is coming your way!

Carla said...


Yvette Hoitink said...

Wonderful news! Eleanor has been my favorite historical person for a long time. Just a couple of years ago, I found out I am actually a descendant of hers through a bastard child of the dukes of Brabant. So I'm so glad to hear that you as one of my favorite writers will be writing about my favorite historical person/ancestor!

I'm really looking forward to the trilogy and am curious what new perspective you will bring to the table :-)

Unknown said...

You *know* I am literally giddy with excitement over this one! Looking forward to reading about my favorite British/French/Aquitainian(?) heroine!

Marilyn said...

How exciting! Eleanor is someone I have always wanted to know more about! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

OK- Trust me.. You wouldn't want to have seen it.. But I just went skipping down the hallway.
One word.. THAT ROCKS.. Well, okay.. Two words.
Seriously, that is amazing news from an amazing writer!

Rowan said...

Can't wait.
This sounds gorgeous.
Past life remembereance and Ahaskic Records are such splendid ways to connect.

DocJohn said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!
I have thoroughly enjoyed all your books, whilst feeling that you have been getting better all the time, culminating in 'To defy a king'. Now is a perfect time you for tackle Eleanor, especially with the special insights you can bring from the akashic records, which I would think essential for obtaining clues to the inner workings of Eleanor's mind.

Sharon P has already done a marvellous job relying on the meagre 'objective' record to which I am confident you can bring an equally vivid complementary account, and excel Jean Plaidy's earlier Autobiographical effort.

Linda H said...

This is such great news. I have been raving about your books to friends for years. Enjoy all your new success, and I can't wait to read this trilogy. Well done again. xx

Terry said...

Elizabeth, this is amazing news!! I am so excited for you and for all of your readers (me included). This will definitely give us all something to look forward to. Should I start the chant now...Is it summer 2013 yet??? All the best to you!

Cathie Dunn said...

This is fantastic news. Many congratulations. I think the time is definitely right. Can't wait to read! :-)

cindyash said...

What? You mean Captive Queen isn't the standard by which all Eleanor books should be set? :) Congratulations, I am so excited! I have to wait a year, but it will be worth the wait, I am sure!!!

BurtonReview said...

Congrats to you, and so glad you get to write that book (or 3!) that has been calling you! I know they will all be wonderful, and I cannot wait. Good luck!

Cornishlife said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! So thrilled for you, many congratulations :-) Loving the titles in the trilogy too! x

Tess said...

Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! So cool :) Will Sourcebooks have the North American distribution rights on these ones too?? Either way, I'll be buying them *g*

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Thank you for all the lovely congratulations! Teresa, I would hope that Sourcebooks will be publishing, but they will go to contract later in the proceedings, so I can't give a definitive yes. Highly likely though. :-)

karen m said...

So excited. I am not goi g to read them though, until all 3 are done, because I always forget things. Hopefully the last one won't be too far away so I can get stuck into them with hours of reading and zero housework haha. Thank you Elizabeth for all the years of a dusty house xx